Tim has a passion for business, internet marketing and wealth creation through property.  He has spent over 5 years learning and training under some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world of business and property.

Over the past 9 years, Tim has worked with businesses in Australia and internationally to establish and accelerate their internet marketing. Tim has put in place strategic online marketing campaigns which have helped his clients deliver profitable online marketing campaigns, increasing traffic and exploding sales.

Tim helped one of his clients grow their online sales by 57 percent year-on-year.  One email marketing campaign, delivering almost $58,000 in sales revenue in 3 days from launch.

Tim has trained under mentors including Brett Mcfall, Armand Morin and Matt and Amanda Clarkson.

Tim has helped clients across the Eastern sea board of Australia to learn and apply strategies to creating their own online success.

Tim has presented from stage to groups of 100+ as well as trained small groups in workshop environment.  He teaching style is engaging, systemised and step by step, using visual and audio communication styles to get his content across to the audience.  Find out more about upcoming events or testimonials.

Tim’s latest endeavours include an interest and passion in property, focusing small developments and small land sub-divisions in the residential market.

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Tim was born Durban, South Africa and spending most of his childhood in a small rural town of Greytown, Natal South Africa.  Here he exceled in school and sport, playing first grade rugby union for his school, becoming the team captain in athletics, representing his school at a state level in the 100 and 200m sprints and achieving honours in his study endeavours.

He immigrated to Australia with his family at 17, settling in the Blue Mountains, NSW.  From there, Tim went on to study in Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology and Business, majoring in Marketing.  In 2007, Tim started his company – Tilko Group Pty Ltd, and has since worked on building this business.

Tim has travelled extensively through Europe, England, Ireland, Scotland and Southern Africa.  In 2006, he did an overland safari from Nairobi to Johannesburg, which has been one of Tim’s highlights in his journey of life.

Finally, and most importantly Tim is a family man. He lives Wollongong, 1 hour south of Sydney, Australia with his wife Emily and his son Jedd.