Tim Thompson – Facebook ad targeting : Make sure you get it right!

With a massively growing membership base and the ease with which Facebook ads can be setup, many businesses are setting and up and running Facebook ads.  But, whether you are setting these up yourself or having an agency manage these for your business, you need to make sure the ads are setup and targeted to the right people.  Message to market match!

Even if it takes a bit more time and effort to setup multiple campaigns with different ads all promoting the same thing, the rewards for increased clicks, CTR and potential for conversion will be dramatically increased.

Check out this ad that appeared on my profile recently.  I live south of Sydney in Wollongong.  Now, hopefully this person’s campaign was setup on a CPC (cost per click) basis, because given that I don’t live in Perth, I would be unlikely to click on the ad.  But if this is running on a CPM basis, the advertising is wasting money!


Even worse, is the fact that the advertiser may very well be running this ad across the whole of Australia, without setting specific location details to get the audience targeting as specific as possible.

Now, having said this, I recognise the two guys in the image and have seen their events and promotions before.  I actually would be very interested in their content, but in my case, I completely would not action the ad, because it has mention of Perth.  Interesting, isn’t, that this advertiser could have got an additional lead, had they simply reviewed their campaign setup and targeted the ad more accurately.

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