LinkedIn Self Service Ads: What to love about them

Looking to reach a targeted professionally engaged audience? Want to do it fast and be able to generate leads?  Think LinkedIn Self Service ads for a great solution to your lead generation.

 What are they? Linkedin advertising at a basic level, allows you to run advertising targeted towards particular profiles based on a various targeting options.  These ads appear in the right hand side of the person’s profile.  You may have noticed these ourself.  Generally they appear with a small image and sometimes a small video screenshot.

How you can target these ads?  The targeting options make this type of advertising a great way to target a particular audience.  Firstly you can target by country, and then from there based on job function, company size (or even specific companies), university background, level or seniority as well as skills, based on specific skill keywords.  The audience count is dynamically generated as you change your targeting filters.

What advertising options are available?  Currently there are two types you can setup.  Either a standard text ad, which is very similiar to the Google text ads with a heading and two lines of a text.  There is the ability to add an image.  The second option is to use a video, which you must have posted to Youtube.  This can then be used in your ad together with the text ad component.  The only downside of video, is that the cost per click will likely be more, so as with all advertising, make sure you test and measure your results.

How can these generate leads?  Firstly, you can use the ads to drive traffic to a lead generating landing page.  Second, Linkedin offers the ability to add a lead capture feature into your advertising setup.  This will actually allow the potential lead to express their interest in what you are advertising, by clicking a button at the top of your web page which will send their details to your Linkedin advertising dashboard.  You actually get to see the Linkedin profile that responded to your ad, allowing you to build more personal relationships with this person and possibly move them towards a sale.

So, with the targeting options and the ability to generate leads straight into Linkedin from your ad campaigns, there is plenty to love about Linkedin self service ads.  Try them out and let me know in the comments if you experience success in targeting ads on Linkedin.

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