Rich vs Poor Mentality – Guest post from Jake Larsen

I recently came across this awesome post on the topic that particularly resonated with me.  I have always shared the same views – pay for value, because the price shouldn’t really matter if there is value in the end result.  This blog post really articulates what I believe too.

Hopefully through share this, you set the benefit in thinking more about your own thoughts on value.  Whether that is investing money on advertising to attract new clients or sales or investing in  coach who will help you create far more than your investment.  The rich make decisions based on value, not price – enjoy, share and comment below on your thoughts.

Rich vs Poor Mentality

I’ve always been very concerned with price. Before I ever knew the benefits or value of anything, I would always ask, “How much does it cost?”Growing up we were that family that would never buy drinks at restaurants because it cost too much. My Dad would always say, “Why should I pay $1.85 for a small coke when we can get it for 75 cents at the gas station?” It drove him nuts when we ordered cheeseburgers, because the cheese cost an additional 15 cents. Can you relate?

Warren Buffet Value vs Price

I was so focused on the price that I was completely missing out on the value.  This mindset keeps people from being successful.  Rich people focus on value, poor people focus on price.

A couple of months ago I was invited to join a business coaching program that would teach me how to create, manage and grow my own business.

Naturally, my first question was, “How much does it cost?” My mouth dropped when they told me how much it was. The price was high four figures. I could buy a car for that much! Why would I pay that when Google gives me access to the world’s information for free?!

This coaching program promised great results that were backed up by case studies, testimonials and current clients. A lot of these programs are sketchy and scam people out of a lot of money but I also had a good friend who was involved in this program and I trusted him. He told me he thought it would help me out but he didn’t want to push anything on me. I thought about it for a couple of days.

I often thought, where do I want to be? What do I want to be doing?

My Why 2014


Running my own company and having it provide health, security and opportunities for my family has always been a dream of mine. I was working at a great company for four years while trying to balance and grow a side business as well. Every year I would always tell myself, “This will be the last year I work here.” But year after year I was still there.




I had my own marketing consulting company but I was never able to justify leaving my day job for it.

I wanted three things…

  1.   Quit my day job
  2.   Grow my current Marketing company
  3.   Be able to provide Food, Health, Security, Shelter and opportunities for my family.

Money wasn’t on my list of wants, but was necessary to provide for my family.  Money was not my end goal but a means to an end.

Naturally, I asked myself, “How much would I be willing to pay to get these things?”  It was a no brainer. I would easily pay $xx,xxx if I could get these results.

After just a few months into this program, I’ve accomplished almost everything I wanted to do. I quit my job and grew my own company. I can honestly say that it has provided nearly everything that my family needs plus a little bit extra.

Last month I made more money than I ever have. What would have taken me five months of work at my old job I made in a month! I’m not writing this to brag but to show you that it’s possible. The American (*Any country you are in TT) dream is alive and well for those willing to invest in themselves.

By no means am I making the kind of money to be flying on a private jet and traveling the world but to be honest, I don’t need that kind of money.

The information I learned in this program is priceless and has allowed me to design my life how I want.  It’s the kind of information that you can’t find on Google.

This experience has changed my perspective on value and price.

You should never make a decision based on price but on the value it provides.

Looking back on it I would have easily paid double to get the results I have now.

Value Vs PriceI also find it amusing when people complain about an eBook that costs $47 or a video course that costs $147.  They’re so fixated on price that they lose sight of the real value.

Even if the course teaches them how to make money.  When you’re so worried about paying the bills you blind yourself to bigger investments AKA opportunities.

Stop thinking small and start thinking big.

Would you pay $25,000 if it taught you how to make $50,000?

If you’re saying, “I would never spend $25,000 on anything that’s a lot of money.” Slap yourself.

The point is not how much money you’re spending, but the value you get in return.

This is also known as an investment; spending money now so you can make more money in the future.

You may also be saying, “I don’t even have $1,000 how can I afford $25,000?” Everyone knows at least one person with a lot of money. Use their money to finance it. You could say, if you give me $25,000, I will give you back $30,000 in a couple of months. You pocket $20,000 and your rich friend is now richer because you just made him an extra $5,000.

I know there’s a lot of questions and “what if” scenarios, but you get the picture. It takes money to make money.

Rich people make decisions based on value, not price.

I’ve always been very concerned with price, but now I’m more concerned with the value I’m getting. When I’m faced with a purchasing decision, my first question is, “What value does this bring to me?  How will this make my life better, faster, easier, stronger?”

When was the last time you invested in yourself?

What do you want?  What would you pay to get there?

Original post : Rich vs Poor Mentality – Jake Larsen

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